New Interactive Synoptic Loop finally on BOM

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New Interactive Synoptic Loop finally on BOM

Postby nocky » Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:04 pm

Well new to me on BOM, but finally they have it, it has been my secret weapon for sometime, I have put up with ridicule from Fu and Tim for a couple of years now :lol: but this will prove fronts travel the globe, or at least from South Africa, I have put up with being the butt of their jokes and I have proved them wrong on occassions, now bom has it I will reveal my secret weapon, if you leave it default Australia and click play you will see a front appear around mid sunday, if you change the top box to global you can see the front travel from South Africa to West Australia and eventually beyond, even change it to Southern Hemisphere and you can see what happens from the south pole, this is at time of post, a couple of days down the track predication's may change, it has other features like Indian Ocean and the individual states, the state one only gives about 3 1/2 days whilst the others up to 7 days, it has many other options in the second drop down box which sometimes leads to a third drop box with even more options. It has been around for a while on one of my secret squirrel American sites but now all is revealed ... 0&number=4
If it has been posted elsewhere my apologies :mrgreen: :|

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Re: New Interactive Synoptic Loop finally on BOM

Postby Fu Manchu » Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:30 pm

No don't think it has mate :)

Really great to see BoM getting better maps out. It has long been the domain of the independent commercial weather companies that have ruled with interactive maps and ones thta have a high standard of graphics.

Post up any good BoM features you find in a new thread so we can keep a good log of what is where :)

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